Adobe Creative Week

Adobe’s Creative Week – from 9-13 July – will consist of a series of daily debates, creative challenges, exclusive demos and inspirational case studies covering a wide range of creative issues.


Monday 9 July – Creative Industry Overview

The week-long event kicks off with a general look at the creative industry. The discussion will be driven by the following questions: Is our creative industry in good health? Is the talent pool growing or shrinking? And what strategies are needed to ensure the industry prospers in the future?

Tuesday 10 July – Design & Publishing

On Tuesday, the hot topic of print versus digital will be debated. With the rise of digital publishing and the popularity of tablets and mobile devices, the way that we publish has changed. These sessions will focus on the opportunities digital publishing brings and how the strength of the designer can be employed for publishing via tablets.

Wednesday 11 July – Film & Video

The market for both national broadcasting and cinematography has contracted, leading to declining revenues and reduced production budgets for programmes and movies. Now the pressure is on to deliver more for less.

Although technical advances make improved image quality a reality, is content quality being enhanced in the same way and are standards dropping as a result? The Wednesday session will attempt to answer this and other questions such as, can small production budgets really make just as big an impact? Is the situation leading to greater originality and creativity in terms of the content, as well as new job opportunities for young people with much-needed multimedia skills?

Thursday 12 July – Web & Mobile

Thursday’s session will ask: Should developers be a Jack of all Trades, or the Master of One? The question of specialism within the digital media industry is more relevant now than ever before. As an industry, how can workers future-proof their careers, by understanding multiple web and mobile technologies? Sessions today will look at how innovations in web and mobile are disrupting the industry and creating demand for new skills and multi-specialist workers.

Friday 13 July – Photography & Digital Imaging

Has digital technology ‘dumbed down’ the photography industry or is it in fact opening new doors for creativity and artistic expression? Is traditional photography king or is digital claiming the crown? This and other key issues in the world of photography and digital imaging will be driving the discussion on the closing day of Creative Week.

Each day’s events will involve luminaries from the creative world, Adobe evangelists and members of the creative community, including Rufus Deuchler, Jason Levine, Paul Trani and Julieanne Kost, with more still to be announced.

For more details on the event and to sign up for updates, visit the Creative Week website.