Pay Per Click Advertising

What is pay per click?

Pay per click marketing (PPC ), uses short adverts on the right hand side of the search engines to direct visitors to your site.

Successful SEO and pay-per-click advertising campaigns bring excellent business returns and increase awareness of your brand, product or services.

Pay-per-click advertising campaigns provide you with targeted traffic and allow you to only spend your budget on clicks from people searching for your product maximising return on your investment.

Pay per click services

Our SEO and Pay per click services include: Keyword analysis, competitor analysis and web content writing.

Our team will direct and manage your PPC account in line with your specific goals and advertising budget. We’ll undertake customised research and then write SEO friendly advertising copy that will appeal to your audience. Your adverts will be placed at the best time of day and we can even target your budget to specific locations if that’s necessary. We’ll evaluate your campaigns regularly and adapt our strategy quickly to further improve your conversion rates, click through rate and keyword quality score.