Brand Guidelines

As part of your brand design project, Snake Lane Design can create a set of corporate brand guidelines.

This set of rules and guides will ensure your company’s image, tone of voice and values are applied correctly and consistently across all media – From the exact colour and placement of your logo to the style of images used on your website.

What will we do?

Snake Lane Design can create your corporate brand guidelines as part of your brand design project.

Your manual will be put together after your brand identity has been approved and signed off.

You will then be given a digital copy of your brand guidelines, which can be used either in-house or by a design agency.

Can a brand manual boost sales?

Brand loyalty is the key to sustained success. A well-crafted brand manual can:

  • Promote customer loyalty – a consistent brand helps your customers to recognise your products or services in a crowded market.
  • Create a professional image – poor attention to detail with your branding can reflect badly on your company. A brand manual protects against this.
  • Prevent confusion – if your brand is strong and consistent, you are less likely to be confused with a competitor in a crowded market.
  • Ensure consistency – one person’s idea of ‘blue’ and another persons can vary. A brand manual showing correct usage of colour prevents confusion.